World of rhinestone iron-on transfers, sparkling motifs, iron-on appliqués on textiles.

Rhinestone applications for your big appearance
Here everyone gets their money's worth, where they are allowed to glitter and sparkle. Our finely worked rhinestone applications are cleverly used on shirts, pants, bags and much more. Perfect to show off and thus transform any textile fabric into an absolute eye-catcher.You can iron our rhinestone iron-on patches onto your textile with a conventional iron. Of course, you will receive detailed ironing instructions for each delivery.We use high-quality DMC rhinestones for our Strass Hot Fix iron-on transfers. These have a wonderful sparkle so that you can enjoy your iron-on transfer for a long time. We now have brand new t-shirts with our rhinestone motifs. You can also have every Strass Hot Fix motif in our shop applied to the T shirt. For this we use a transfer press. Our T shirts are available in sizes S, M, L, XL in black. Our rhinestone applications can be ironed on all materials, including silk, leather, cashmere and stretch jeans - the only exception is synthetic leather. Your Silvia